Friday, November 21, 2008

Grilled Bread

This one comes from my husband actually, very simple but yum for sure. If you are making panini for 2 out of whole focaccia bread then obviously you can't be using entire bread. Well, you don't want to throw rest of the bread either. So best thing is to slice them in to thin peices as shown in the picture in this post and grill them as described below. The focaccia is great beacuse of all the herbs that are injested in to it already and then using the dressings when you grill it you will love the crispy tasty sticks.

1 large focaccia bread ( one that usually comes with herbs)
2tbs italian dressing
1tbs southwest dressing
panini maker
Method :
1) Slice the focaccia bread about 1/2 inches
2) Put italian and south west dressing each side of the bread.
3) Place the bread in to panini maker and grill untill bread turns golden brown .
4) Serve hot..Enjoi!!!

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bhooshi said...

Chey!!! idannella nodta idre timbana kaantu..:(..:)...begne madve maadkendu nanna hendtige ninna blog link kodti bidu ;)... wonderful blog Di..:)...gr8 job... good luck....