Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Suttevu( Banana Sweet Bajji )


This one goes a long way back in tradition. It is one of the simplest yet very tasty sweet dish my mother prepares during pooja/worship as an offering. Suttevu is traditional havyaka word for this dish, soft inside crunchy from outside and has a nice banana aroma to it which brings a great taste and flavor. Usually made with rice flour and banana but rice flour can be substituted with all purpose flour or self raising flour.


2 riped bananas
4 tbs of jaggery
2 cups of self raising flour / all purpose flour
pinch of salt
oil to fry

1) Grind the banana using blender with 4 tbs of jaggery and mix the paste with self raising flour .It should be in thick paste just like consistency of dosa batter.

2) Heat the oil and take one tsp full of banana batter make kind of a small ball in your hand, put it in to oil and deep fry till it turns brown .

Have it when hot or warm. If you can save it till the afternnon snack time, have it with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

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Amrutha said...

Dear Mangala,
I'm from Kerala, where we have a variety of bananas. Which banana should be used? If possible please insert a pic .