Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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1 cup red chillies (Badagi menasina kayi)
3-4 pods of garlic
tamarind lemon size
1/4 tsp jaggery
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds
pinch of asafotidia /hing
salt to taste

Method :

1) Soak the red chillies in hot water for 10 minutes.Then drain the water and put it in the papertowels and take off the excess water .

2) Dry roast the fenugreek seeds and mustrd seeds keep it aside .

3)With the help of the blender ,mix all the ingredient's like red chillies,tamarind,garlic, mustard ,fenugreek seeds,jaggery and salt . Add little water if required.

4)Take off the chutney mixture and season this with little oil and hing .

5) Serve the chutney with any akki roti,jolad (Jowar)roti or dosa of your choice .enjoi!!

Note :If you want to store this chutney, then heat the pan and put little oil and hing ,mix the chutney and boil this for 5-10 minutes.Store this in air tight this way you can store this chutney for 2-3 weeks .

Karandi(Chilli garlic chutney) and marinara-sauce are my entries to the Chutney/Dip Mania" Event @ Mane Adige hosted by Ramya.


Ramya's Mane Adige said...

Beautiful!!! Love the bright color of byadage menasinakai... How did you get hold of it here in the US?!?!?!! Thanx for the entry :)

SMN said...

hi first time here very nice blog..oho.. this will be yummy except its spiceness..

Mangala Bhat said...

Hey Thanks for the comments girls .
@ Rmaya .Amma bandaga tandittu

Usha said...

Looks spicy and yum...lovely color!

Mangala Bhat said...

Thanks Usha .

Seetha said...


My mouth is watering and can't wait to try it out..


Mangala Bhat said...

Thanks Seeta .

LG said...

that hot chutney is irresistible Mangala. Few Jolada rottis, karindi and enngayi palya..yummo! slurrp!

Mangala Bhat said...

thank u laxmi :)

Lavanya said...

my husband loves garlic pickle..2 days back i made it without grinding garlic but that was not gud..i am looking for garlic pickle all over the internet..i didnt find a gud one..but yours is looking gorgeous!!
Thanks for the recipe...I will give a try!!

Vinay bhat said...

Love the Bright colors. You got to open separate blog for Photography too :)

Archy said...

wow, nice hot n spicy chutney.. looks gud.. my aunt used to make.. shall try :)!!

Mahimaa's kitchen said...

wow.. this is soooo spicy. spice lovers will love it.

thanks for posting ur comments to my other posts dear.. that is so nice of u.

yes, u can call me mahi and i love being called that way.

Mangala Bhat said...

Thanks vinay ..That is my future plan will see ...Thanks for ur suggetion

Mangala Bhat said...

Hey Thanks Archy and Mahi :) keep visiting

nivedita said...

First time here, Yummy blog!
Reading the name "Dharwad", I was so happy, as I am from Dharwad.
This we call it as Ranjaka, which is normally prepared with fresh red chillies which are available in Shravana month. And we prepare it without adding water.
Please visit my blog for more recipes from North Karnataka, and help me to get more!!