Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jack fruit Kadubu /Halasina hannina kadubu

This jack fruit dish is a very popular dish among havyaka's and tastes havenly when you get it right. It is soft, flavorful and a treat for eye's to even look at. It's traditionally made using banana leaves as a wrapper which helps to cook the dish evenly with the steam and provides a light touch of it's own flavor and also the whole thing together offers a very authentic feeling to the dish. Take a sneak peak below !




2 cups jack fruits
1 cup creme of rice /idli rava/sooji
1/4 cup jaggery
2 tsp coconut grated
1/2 tsp cardmom powder
Pinch of salt

Idli maker
Banana leaves

Tread to tie the banana leaves.

Banana Leaves Cylinder Wrap .

1) Put the banana leaf over the gas flame for 2 seconds to make it fold-able.


2) Fold the banana leaves in to a Cylinder shape as shown below


3) Then take a thread and tie one side of the banana leaf cylinder and keep the other end open so that you can pour the jack fruit mixture.


4) After filling the jack fruit mixture seal the other end as well.



1) Take a pan and fry the creme of rice / idli rava / sooji rawa for 10 -15 minutes in a medium flame .

2) Grind together jackfruits and jaggery to make fine paste .

3) Then heat the heavy bottom pan and pour the jack fuit mixture and creme of rice

4) Boil this for 5 -10 minutes then add coconut ,pinch of salt and cardmom powder .

5) Take a banana leaf cylinder and pour the 2 big tbs ful of jack fruit mixture and tie the other end of the banana leaf cylinder with the thread .

6) Then place this in the idli maker or in the steamer /cooker(do not use the weight ) bake in the medium flame about 30- 40 minutes .

7) Before serving discard the bananaleaves and serve hot with gee.

8) If u don't get the bananaleaves then u can bake this kadubu using idli stand appling little oil.

This post is my contribution to the AFAM- Jackfruit event hosted by the wonderful Lakshmi at Taste Of Mysore. Thanks for hosting Lakshmi


sowmya aneesh said...

Wow!looks really yummy.

Sushma said...

Nice recipe, I dont take the effort to prepare it here, I only enjoy eating during my visit to India. Nice recipe.., usually it is prepared in the mornings or for evening snacks at our home :)
Why dont you send it to AFAM-Jackfruit event? Today is the last day :)

LG said...

woowie..loved the kadubu in banana leaf wraps! Please send it to my event AFAM-Jackfruit. You can email me with a picture and URl at lakshmi(at)tasteofmysore(dot)com

Superchef said...

OMG..everyones posting something or the other on jackfruit!! i soo love this fruit but have no idea where to get it here!! :( loved your step-by-step instructions..

Maya said...

Wow, love that color you have got from the jackfruit. Kadubu looks delicious and moist. Jackfruit at mine too today.

Priya Sriram said...

Wow... Totally delicious! I love jackfruit and the pictures kill me!

Suparna said...

wow Mangala, fantastic clicks :)
halasina hannu flavour is so rich and aromatic...yumm chennagide ri dish.


Priya said...

Woow kadubu looks delicious!!!yummyyyyy

Usha said...

Wow this kadubu looks awesome, bet it tasted delicious ! Loved your step by step pictorial !

Lavanya said...

wow looks delicious and i love the color..want to taste it:)

Mamata said...

Hai Mangala, Kadabu looks so nice & colourful.excellent clicks!!

Nithya Praveen said...

Wow,great effort but worth it for the end result.I am speechless....wish i had them right away!

brocasarea said...

we make halasina hanna tastes really good with tuppa!!!...:)

sowmya aneesh said...

vase tumba chenagide Mangala,nivu maddida?

Mangala Bhat said...

Hey Thanks everyone :) @ sowmya hmm Thanks aita :)

sriharivatsan said...

It's been a quite sometime i landed here, missed some delicious entries..This looks very authentic..I love the color. Very tempting..Have never tasted it..Wanna to try sometime..Superb..Thanx for sharing..

Gayathri said...

Very traditional recipe, great entry hats off

Mangala Bhat said...

Thank u shri and gayatri ...
A shri yeah ! it taste awsome ..with gee... try it soon :D

Vani said...

Where did you manage to find banana leaves, Mangala? The kadabu looks delicious! Loved the painted pot in the background.

Soumya said...

looks yummy....where did u find the banana leaf??

SMN said...

hey r u a havyaka? nice for u taht u alredy got to eat it.. we make it with rice and jaggery and no cardamom powder.

This looks nice will give it a try

Mangala Bhat said...

@Vani ..u will get banana leaves in chainese stores .
Thanks for the comment
@ soumya ..chainese stre nalli sigatteri..Thanks for sopping by
@SMN ..yes i am havyaka brahmin ..
Thanks for the comment :)

Sagari said...

lovely recipe mangala

Varsha Vipins said...

oh..yummyyy..drool over jackfruits..nice clicks too Mangala..:)

Priya Sriram said...
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ಪೂರ್ಣಿಮಾ ಭಟ್ಟ, ಸಣ್ಣಕೇರಿ said...

It looks so yummy... /baayalli neeru bartha iddu! :(

Poornima Nair said...

Thats a great recipe Mangala...looks so tempting...saw ur site in the jackfruit round-up, you have some great recipes...keep going.

Preety said...

wow love the pics..i still have to give jack fruit a try..but it looks so delicious

Sangeetha said...

wow mangala....looks delicious.....elli siktu ninge halasina hannu?

Mangala Bhat said...

Thnaks sooo much my friends :)