Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Somavaara Prasada/Belated Happy Maha Shivaratri and An Awards



Happy belated MahaShiavRatri to all.

Lord Shiva is the deity of Monday and it was MahaShivaRatri yesterday, So it ought to be very special occasion. We observed an evening fast and ate dinner at mid night, well may be minute or 2 lesser.:-). It was very fulfilling spiritual experience to sing Shiva's prayers and do the pooja. And i decided to top that experience with the Somavara Prasada for dear Lord.

For those who like to explore"http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maha_Shivaratri"

This Prasadam is made of few easily available ingredients at home like wheat flour,jaggery and Gee.Its pretty easy and tasty as well. May Shiva bless all.Hope you Enjoi this very simple recipe


1 cup wheat flour
1/4 cup jaggery
1/4 cup gee
dry fruits for garnishing (Optional)

1) Heat the heavy bottom pan and pour the gee and wheat flour ..fry this for 10-15 minutes in a medium flame .
2) When wheat flour and gee mixture gives u wonderful aroma, then switch of the gas and add jaggery and garnish with any dry fruits u have . Enjoi !!




Two of the very good friends of mine Nitya Praveen and
Malar Gandi
have passed couple of awards to me . I am very thankful to them and I would like to pass this awards to my blog friends Lakshmi ,Deesha and PriyaEnjoi my friends


Unknown said...

This sounds like such a simple and delightful sweet, looks yum. Happy Sivaratri to you too !

Manju said...

congrats on the award and hope you enjoyed the festival! the prasad looks delicious..glad to have found your blog..you have some lovely recipes here! :)

Lakshmi said...

Maldi as we call this prasada ..looks lovley in the pic. Lovely presentation. Congratulations on your awards. Kelagade mooru Flickr photos unavailable antha ide ri...
Thanks for thinking of me for the award :)

sowmya aneesh said...

Congrats on your award Mangala.Happy sivaratri to you too.I like your prasadam recipe,very simple & easy to prepare.

Priya Sriram said...

Hi Mangala, the prasaada looks simply delicious! :)
Thanks dear for passing me the awards. I feel honored and humbled! These are my first awards... :)

Mangala Bhat said...

Thanks my friends ...hey Priya enjoi dear!! u deserve that !!:)

Unknown said...

Congrats on your award dear !
the prasadh looks very delicious !

Vani said...

Looks like your SHivarathi was really nice! I cannot fast - I've tried many times but never succeeded! No will power when it comes to food :(
The prasada looks tasty, Mangala.

Mangala Bhat said...

Thanks soo much Vani

Srikitchen said...

looks too good n delightful!

Soumya said...

its delicious!!!i have tasted this.....& mangala makes it best!!